Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Age Of Autism cheers the downfall of News International. How Ironic.

Age of Autism is cheering that News International (which owns the Sunday Times, which first reported Brian Deer's features on Andrew Wakefield's fraud) is in big trouble. How ironic then, that NI owns The Sun, which happily reported anecdote as fact in order to create fear and doubt, and to sell more chip-wrappers.

"growing concern of possible links between MMR and autism and bowel disorders have seen a massive drop in the number of parents opting for the treatment. The connection was made by Dr Andrew Wakefield in 1998. No scientists confirmed his findings but many parents say their children changed dramatically after the injection".
(The Sun, 5th Feb, 2002)

And who's doing the trumpeting? Yes, that arsehole John "Cock" Stone. What a fucking shock there, that Stone doesn't know his arse from Rotherham - and couldn't find either with both hands and a map.

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