Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A call for violence from AoA?

Kent Heckenlively has posted a rather disturbing piece on Age of Autism, in which he calls on God to smite the vaccine-autism unbelievers (ie, rational people), quoting the Bible (psalm 94) and Stephen King (the Stand) to make his point.

It's not unreasonable to see this as a call to extreme God-Botherers to rise up, and, just in case God's a bit too busy to do all that smiting, give him a helping hand and get some smiting of their own done. After all, God's work needs doing, right?

Am I being a bit extreme? I don't think so - look at the actions of the more extreme pro-life (or, as they should properly be called, anti-women's rights) activists. Murder and arson have been in their arsenal for some time. Why should religious anti-vax loons be any different?

(As ever, Orac has a more eloquent discussion of this…)

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Chris said...

And this is super scary after what has happened in Norway. What kind of Christianity says it is okay to kill over eighty kids at a camp?