Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Wakefield - still wanking for coins

Yes, Andrew Wakefield's at it again, debasing himself for a few shekels in order to keep himself in nice shirts and smarm oil. Not content with having Ed "Dickhead" Arranga run the "Dr. Wakefield Justice Fund", he's now reduced to metaphorically bashing the bishop on a new site -

Gosh, "academic integrity fund" - that sounds ever so clever and official, doesn't it?

Sadly it's not. It's just another excuse for Wakefield to bleat "It's not fair" while tugging himself off for the donations thrown by his acolytes. Wakefield wouldn't know Academic Integrity if it jumped up and bit him in the face. (Does anyone have a Pit Bull Terrier called Academic Integrity - we could try it out…)

(I've just thought - maybe Ed Arranga is such a shit fundraiser, Wakefield's decided to go elsewhere for his pud-pulling exercises. Ha, ha, and thrice ha. Ed - not only John "Cock" Stone thinks you're a cunt, but so does Fraudytrousers Wakefield. Christ, how much lower could your self esteem go? You shall no doubt in future be mocked by little children in the street, who will shout - "look, there goes Ed the Weirdy Loser"…)

Ahem - back on track. Let's take a look at this webshite shall we?

It seems to have been set up by one Robyn Hurd, a lady (I assume) I wasn't previously aware of from anti-vax circles, and she sets out her stall in the first post on the site, entitled "Imagine".

Imagine living in a world where man-made products are harming people but no one feels they can speak out about it. People are dying, children suffer from brain injuries, and the population is sick for their entire lifetimes, but our leaders, our doctors and our scientists keep quiet. They say there is no problem. It does not exist. These injuries are merely a coincidence in time, one right after another. The citizens of the world live with allergies, asthma, epilepsy, Bell’s Palsy, and autism as a consequence of theses coincidences. For some of them, their immune systems never recover from the injuries. They never had a fighting chance. There was no informed consent.

Guess what causes these imaginary waves of illness? Well, Robyn doesn't actually specify - so let's go on and see if we can guess what she thinks it is…

Imagine living in a world where, if a doctor dares to delve into a controversial subject matter– a topic that might bring forth a hypothesis to perhaps explain why people are dying, children are suffering from brain injuries, and the population is sick for their entire lifetimes– that doctor is hauled before their licensing board and made to stand trial for over five months.

Ah - I see where we're going, and I'm sure you do too. She's basically trotting out the old Big Pharma / Cover up / Brave Maverick Doctor three legged pony that all Wakefield's apologists do. Of course you know what she thinks causes this - it's the vaccines. And she needs your help to support brave, put upon, victimised, persecuted Andrew Wakefield. I assume she's either fucking stupid or fancies the slimy, rubber lipped goon. Still, let's have a look at the rest of the site.

Oh look, a fundraising dinner! Joy! I like a good night out - I'll go. Oh, hang on, it's $250. $250 for a fish supper, a cake from a local bakery and a copy of Wakefield's spider swatter, "Callous Disregard" - you know, the one that's going for about $5 (new) on Amazon. Oh, and drinks. Now, I like a drink, but to make up the rest of the entrance fee in drinks, I'd have to get a shitload of beer inside me. At least if I did, I could look at Andrew Wakefield without throwing up. Possibly.

But there's more - for $750 I can sit at the same table as him and his fucking wife. Great - but for $750, I'd want to be able to personally tattoo "MR FRAUDYTROUSERS" an inch high in Cooper Bold Italic across his forehead.

The interesting difference between this fundraiser and the shit that Ed "Fucking Loser" Arranga does for him is that at least Arranga has the decency to pretend that his fundraising is to support Wakefield's legal actions. This is just to, y'know, give fucking money to Wakefield, to help him pay his pool cleaning bills and have the wisteria trimmed. Who the fuck does he think he is, a Tory MP?

Calm down Becky, calm down...

*Deep breaths, deep breaths*

Wakefield's actually written a couple of paragraphs for the site - a couple of paragraphs about "Mommy instinct". It's nauseating, it really is. Here - try this…

Once, at a hillside farmhouse in AndalucĂ­a, while I was out walking with our firstborn son, my wife Carmel was saying bedtime prayers with our second child, who was in bed with a fever. Halfway through the prayer, and without saying another word, she leapt up and flew downstairs, out of the house, and sprinted one hundred meters across the yard, and into the pool. Our eighteen month-old daughter Imogen had slipped silently out of the bedroom and had made it to the pool steps. She was one step away from drowning. In that crucial moment, her mother just knew.

Excuse me while I throw up. But hang on there - something just caught my eye. Carmel Wakefield sprinted one hundred meters (sic) across the yard into the pool? Wakefield holidays in a house with a hundred metre long yard, with a pool at the bottom of it? And he needs a fundraiser? Of course he does. If you're paying $250 / $750 for dinner in the same room as that repugnant man, you really are paying for his holidays to Andalucia, to a villa with a hundred metre yard and swimming pool. And you still think he's doing all this for the good of the children? No, it's all about Wakefield. It's always been all about Wakefield and the money. The money for Andrew Wakefield. And there are fucking idiots in the world like Robyn Hurd who believe otherwise.

Morons, morons. Again. Wakefield wanks for coins, and they fall for it. Again.


Science Mom said...

Hilarious as usual. It simply boggles the mind that people are still falling for his schemes. It smacks of a religious cult.

Acleron said...

It is sad that anyone would give away $250-750 to be near a fraudster.

Otto said...

I presume "Robyn Hurd" to be a pseudonymic play on "Robin Hood." This fundraiser was also plugged by the "Republic Broadcasting Network," which, as a marketing option, seems to narrow the field. There's obviously a connection to Patrick Timmy Bolen, who most even in this area have the sense to avoid.

Otto said...

In fact, looking at the Twitter followers for @AcademicIntegrityFund, one finds Chris Abraham of Reputation-dot-com. (Their baseline editorial test is hilarious, BTW.) Now, Mr. Abraham follows over 11,000 Twitter accounts, so one might reasonably suspect that this includes, pro forma, accounts at the firm that he works for. The space that the AIF site is located in "belongs" to Automattic, Inc., of San Francisco, which provides WordPress support services.

It looks like they might have been fed the Bolen piece by Vaikunthanath Kavira, agrohomeopathist, so perhaps they weren't dumb enough to actually affiliate with Hulda Clark's publicist.

Otto said...

Oh, I guess Automattic pretty much is WordPress rather than a service bureau.

Otto said...

And, well, there is a DFW Robyn Hurd, so skip everything in the Jakefield routine except the Reputation-dot-com bit.

Lancelot Gobbo said...

During my training I went to some interesting places. One of which was a secure hospital in the Uk where the Kray twins were held. I was closer to them, for free, than I would be to this Wakefield idiot for $250. No doubt it did me more good as well.