Monday, 5 November 2012

Z'Tejas in the dark about Wakefield event

Interestingly, the management at Z'Tejas - where Wakefield's fundraiser is being held - hadn't been informed of the nature of the event. I've had a very polite note from their Director of Marketing, saying that Z'Tejas is not sponsoring the event, is not making any financial contributions, and was unaware of the nature of the event. (Thank you Z'Tejas for such a prompt and courteous reply.)

I wonder why Wakefield's groupies don't see fit to explain the nature of an event when booking it..?

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Science Mom said...

Yes but the restaurant will be viewed as giving tacit support to a medical fraud and shyster collecting coin for his personal use. They can be as polite as they want but if they choose to host such bottom-feeding scum, they are going to suffer the stench of it.