Friday, 26 April 2013

Anne Dachel admits it's all about "blame"

For those of you who may be unaware of her activities, Anne Dachel is Age of Autism's "Media Editor". This high-falutin' (as I believe they say in America) title is just a cover for the more accurate, but more long winded "drone with a Google News update for 'Autism' who then goes and spams every story with cut and paste nonsense about vaccines, whether it's relevant or not. And then runs away."

It'd be a bastard to get on a business card I suppose.

Still. Every couple of days, Anne Dachel puts a post up on Age of Autism, with links to her latest drive-by spammings, sometimes with a mindblowingly stupid comment about the stories she doesn't agree with; ie, every story that doesn't implicate vaccines as the cause of autism.

In today's update though, she's given a bit away about her attitude to autism - interestingly just a couple of days after Orac has written an interesting piece inspired by Dachel; Sometimes antivaccinationists reveal more than they intend about why they blame vaccines for autism. Give it a read - it's quite enlightening.

As I say, in today's media update, Dachel pretty much signs her agreement to what Orac's written.

The stories about using the placenta and blood to detect autism reinforce the claim that children are born with autism. In the end, it’s always going to [be] blamed on the parents.

There you have it. It's all about blame. Her whole anti-vax schtick is about shifting "blame" from herself to vaccines.

Anne - there's no "blame" attached to parents of children on the autistic spectrum! None at all! Stop looking for something to shift your perceived guilt onto - there's no guilt, no blame - and look after your beautiful children.

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Sharon said...

The need to assign blame baffles me. All that energy wasted when it could be used to work towards a world that accepts and accommodates autistic people.

Fletcher has recently aligned herself with a NI family who blame MR vaccine for the death of their son. The journalist who wrote the story has ignored my comments on her very one-sided reporting.