Thursday, 18 April 2013

Callous Disregard Countdown - April 2013

For the first time, it seems that you can now get Andrew "Mr Fraudytrousers" Wakefield's stapled together bits of absorbent paper, "Callous Disregard" cheaper in paperback than you can in hardback. currently have the hardback (new) at $5.39 (£3.53), and a "used" (urgh) copy of the paperback for $2.74 (£1.80 - about the price of a half in most London pubs).

And all this during the week he's issued a bleating "It's not my fault! 'snot fair! Blub blub!" video insisting that despite what everyone not completely hard of thinking realises, he's not responsible for the South Wales measles outbreak (765 confirmed cases, with 77 hospitalised). Presumably a big boy did it and ran away.

You bag of shit, Wakefield.

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Chris said...

I will not pay more than fifty cents. This is how much I paid for Evidence of Harm at a sale where the public library gets rid of books that stopped being checked out.

Just by luck it was the copy from my local library, the one that I would walk in, take off the shelf to read a passage mentioned by some anti-vaxer online, and then return to the shelf.