Saturday, 24 July 2010

About me

For a while now, "offended" parties (John "Cock" Stone, Clifford Miller, commenters on Age of Autism) have been wondering who I am. So here's a picture. It's not a bad likeness.

Other than that, I'm exactly who I've said I am. Clearly I'm not going to give out much more information, as I find Stone's obsession with me creepy enough as it is.

Edit: Click here if you want a t-shirt! :-)


Science Mom said...

Becky, 'They' are obsessed with anyone's identity who are outspoken about their anti-vax crusades. It is for the express intent of either trying to disparage their credentials. Which is rather hypocritical considering what scientifically-ignorant morons they are. Or, they wish to be able to harass your employers into firing you, even though your 'extra-curricular' activities have nothing to do with your employment or you do not conduct them on company time.

I get it all the time; don't feel compelled to reveal anything you aren't comfortable with as their intentions are not remotely honourable.

millipede said...

Is that really you? No wonder andysnat wanted to marry you.

Becky said...

It's fairly close. :-)