Monday, 12 July 2010

Meryl Dorey - "Die in a fire"???

An interesting communication from Meryl Dorey, head of the AVN (Australian Vaccination Network) has been forwarded onto me. In it, among other bleatings which just went into my brain as "It's not fair! it's not fair! it's not fair!!!" was this paragraph;

"We have had a tumultuous year with our own and our family's personal details published on the internet. Our advertisers and professional members have been subject to severe and vicious harassment due to their support of the AVN. We have had wild accusations made against us stating that we believe in reptilian monsters. And there have been numerous death threats - the most recent of which was published on Twitter recently and retweeted many times stating that I should die in a fire." Ms Dorey concluded.

Wanting Meryl Dorey to die in a fire? That's pretty extreme - I wouldn't wish that on the wackiest of wingnuts (and Meryl fits pretty well into that group). I must see who's doing this. Fortunately, Twitter has pretty good search technology, so let's see what we can find.


Nothing. No results for any combination of "die in a fire", "Meryl", "Dorey", "fountainbeauty" (Meryl's Twitter name), "AVN", or anything else I can think of.

Nothing in Google either.

I suspect Meryl Dorey of making this up, as surely, if it had been "retweeted many times", it would be quite easy to find... Can anyone point me to a single tweet suggesting Meryl Dorey should die in a fire?


Oh, and as regards the "AVN believe in reptilian monsters" bit - well… Almost. The AVN posted a link to a mad conspiracy theory article about vaccines in Pakistan Daily, which was written by arch-loon David Icke. Who does believe in reptilian monsters. The story's written up in the ThinkingIsReal blog (which you need to be registered for, but you can read it here.


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