Thursday, 22 July 2010

Kim Stagliano Age of Autism shows its her hateful side

You may have caught the very, very sad story of Saiqa Akhter and her children recently. Ms Akhter is a mother who has been charged with killing her children by choking them with wire, allegedly because they were autistic. It's a terrible story.

However, nothing's been proved yet, no-one's been found guilty, no medical reports have been made public. Nothing.

As a mother myself, I suggest that while nothing can condone this action, any mother who's driven to the extreme of killing her own children is more than likely to be very, very ill herself and in serious need of help - possibly help that's been needed for a long time, but never given.

Whatever the story, it's going to be far more complicated than "woman kills children because they're autistic."

What's the verdict (without hearing testimony, evidence, medical reports etc) of Age of Autism?

The good news is that it happened in Texas and with any luck … this bitch will go to her death courtesy of the Texas Justice system.

Lovely, caring people eh?


Edit: Ironically, the people who support Age of Autism are very often people who believe child abuse murders are usually actually caused by vaccinations.

"Alan Yurko was forced to admit manslaughter to secure release for a crime he didn't do - and to let vaccines off the hook for killing a baby" - Cybertiger

Edit 2: It seems that Kim Stagliano (Managing Editor of Age of Autism) has misjudged her readers on this one, as most of the comments pretty much echo my sentiments above. So I've amended the title.

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