Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The most ludicrous forum name ever?

"Informed" has posted this;

*link to perfectly reasonable article about Crohn's disease*

Increase of 8 percent per year in children diagnosed with Crohn's
disease/Ulcerative colitis between 1994-2005.

Crohn's disease and Ulcerative colitis have been linked to measles
in research in The Royal Free Hospital London 1995( Lancet Medical Journal)

Irish Colitis & Crohn's Support
& Irish Vaccine Informed Parents.

Is Mr/Mrs/Miss "Informed" unaware of the fact that almost all of the authors of that paper have disowned it? Or that the lead on it, one Dr Wakefield, was paid to find those results and has been shown to have MADE UP the results after getting NONSENSE from his testing lab? Oh - and is fairly likely to be STRUCK OFF, after causing a scare that may well have KILLED AND MAIMED HUNDREDS OF CHILDREN?

"Informed"? Hardly, arsehole.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Evidence! Jenny has evidence!

Jennyr has posted this - this could be positively earth-shattering!

I have direct evidence that state-funded experts and their lackies will lie in order to avoid negligence claims.

Go on then jennyr, where is it? As the phrase goes; "Evidence, or Shut The Fuck Up". I'm expecting some serious investigative journalism.

While no-one will be terribly surprised, claiming that you have evidence isn't the same as actually having it. So, jennyr, let loose the fluffy bunnies in your head, and show us this evidence.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Religion and Anti-Vax-Nuttery

While I'm not usually one to quote "Worldwide Religious News" as a source, as it's Christmas, I'm going to:

Measles kills children of anti-vaccination sect.

Mind you, they're quoting this article in The Scotsman - and a search for the Joseph Marange Apostolic Church throws up all these results.

Once more, anti vax quackery kills children. Are you reading this, John "Cock" Stone, Jackie Fletcher, Clifford Miller, Meryl "Whoop Whoop Wheeeeeee" Dorey et al?

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Anti Vax march a massive success

As you can see from this photo, the anti-vaccination march in Edinburgh today has been a massive success.

If you can't spot it, the protest is behind the bloke in the brown jacket.

(Thanks to @endless_psych for the photo)

Edit: Mr Psych has written about the protest.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Home education, the JABS way

There's a thread on the JABS forum (I say "thread", but until today it's just been one person posting) about home education. Perfectly reasonable really, Janet has been reposting stories about home education and autism / Aspergers. No mention of vaccines, and interesting.

Today, a fairly new poster ("lordboult")posted this:

We had to remove emily from special needs pt of school after spending a year encouraging her,autism via mmr.have home ed for 9 years she has improved in a fantastic way,but,LA hve been rude sarcastic and downright intrusive when each state ment is due,we have had to engage a specialist lawyer as emily is sixteen the la are having a final push!As for badman he is being monitered also he has a vague past and is connected to microsoft,the plot thickens! mike.

While I have no strong opinions on the benefits of home schooling of autistic children, I really hope this bloke is employing tutors… Hardly the way to gain support for home schooling, is it?

Edit: A quick search through the forum reveals some interesting conspiracy nuttery posted by lordboult:

the ghouls are at work again! they obviously have not replicated it correctly! do not move to porton down! In the 60' a man ran into the woods and died of bubonnic plague,shucks another failure.

Flouride has interesting history,I believe developed by farben and co
in germany in the thirties used to 'calm' prisoners etc in experiments(nothing about teeth!)but of course check foryourself,mike.

(I love that mis-spelling of "fluoride" - it seems to act as a flag for advanced frothing)

Monday, 7 December 2009

John Stone and friends lying again

While we're on the subject of mendacious bastards, there's a fairly recent post over at John Stone and Clifford Miller's ludicrous "Timecube" inspired blog "ChildHealthSafety". It's simply propagating a vaccine myth that was recently punted round the internet.

See the story [video just below] of previously healthy Desiree Jennings horrifically crippled only days ago by the flu vaccine and just 10 days after getting the shot. Desiree was a cheerleader and led an active life until now.

They then embed the "Desiree Jennings staggers around" video and cite it as clear evidence that the 'flu vaccine causes irreversible neurological damage. Under the title "Flu Vaccine Cripples Healthy US Cheerleader for Life".

Every neurologist asked about this case, and major dystonia charities have come to the conclusion that this is not dystonia, and that the symptoms are psychological, and as John Stone and Clifford Miller like to position themselves as the educated and rational face of anti-vax lunacy, you'd have thought that they'd at least have the decency to issue an apology saying "we were taken in too - sorry", or at the very least, to quietly remove the post. But no, they're keeping it there as "evidence".

John, Clifford - why not read this?

Fortunately, and frankly unsurprisingly, Desiree Jennings has now been "cured" of her condition by a quack. So that's all right then.

C'mon John - I'll accept it's an oversight - apologise, feel a bit ashamed and remove the post, or at least remove the insinuation that this poor girl's condition was caused by a vaccine.

Age of Autism / Generation Rescue come clean

I figured that while the JABS forum is a bit quiet, I could turn my hand to a couple of other moronic anti-vaccination / pro-lethal disease organisation, and possibly the most active of them is "Age Of Autism" (AoA).

AoA styles itself as a support forum for parents of autistic kids - when actually it's a vocal anti-vax and pro quack therapy lobby group.

It's also heavily linked with Generation Rescue, that organisation fronted by ex-porn star (that's not ad-hom, that's a matter of record) Jenny McCarthy, who these days spends her days campaigning to "Green Our Vaccines".

Now, as anyone with even a passing familiarity with English grammar knows, "green" is not a verb. Still, we'll let that go for the moment.

McCarthy / Generation Rescue's claim is not that they want vaccines banned (although that's clearly their ultimate aim), but they want to "green" them. They want unspecified "toxins" removed. At no point will they ever tell you exactly what changes would make them happy, but it makes them sound less rabid. Or at least, they think it does. Remember that - they don't want to get rid of vaccines, just make them less "toxic".

AoAs claim not to be linked to Generation Rescue, however, their legal editor, Kent Heckenlively has recently been pushing an initiative - "Green Our Vaccines". Now, unless Mr H and the loons at GR are remarkably in tune with each other when it comes to non-comprehension of the English Language, and mysteriously came up with the same nonsensical slogan at around the same time, I'd say there was quite likely a link.

Mr Heckenlively posts today his response to a few criticisms of the "Green Our Vaccines" initiative, including this spectacular own goal:

The Green Vaccines Initiative doesn’t go far enough – I read with great interest an open letter to me from the Natural Solutions Foundation which made the assertion that there is no such thing as a “safe vaccine.” I find myself in sympathy with such a view and am certainly acting as if there is currently no such thing as a safe vaccine by not getting any myself or having them given to my children. I might eventually take such a position. However, it seems to me that to move things forward we need to change public perception from the belief that vaccines are universally safe, to one that they have troublesome components which render them potentially unsafe to a certain subset of the population, as a prelude to a full and objective look at the safety of the entire vaccination program.

He then goes on to post a link to Generation Rescue's donation page.

So, the point of the program is to establish that no vaccines are safe one step at a time.

It's quite clear then, Age Of Autism is linked to Generation Rescue (as made clear by their legal editor), and their joint programme is intended to get rid of all vaccines. (Which, as we all know, will lead to the re-establishment of epidemic diseases and the deaths of thousands, if not millions of children worldwide.)


Saturday, 5 December 2009

Oh, just shut the fuck up

How fucking stupid are these people?

Edit: Now I've got a little more time, I should point out that the post referred to contains the suggestion that "fear of dogs" is a side effect of MMR vaccination.