Sunday, 24 August 2008

Complete cretins

There's a bloke who posts on JABS under the name of "Cybertiger". He's already posted comments on this blog, showing what a twat he is.

His real name is Dr Mark Struthers, and he's a GP. Really. He's a doctor. You know, the kind of person that you take yourself to, or your children to when they're not very well. If you're in Flitwick, Bedfordshire, he might even be your doctor.

His website's here.

He's a moron. I've never been quite sure whether he's against vaccinations or not. He is, quite clearly, worried about a couple of things; statins, and a man by the name of Professor Sir Roy Meadow.

When he posts on JABS, he manages to make himself look even stupider than he presumably is, by denying (and then trying to wriggle out of his denial) all kinds of accepted medical facts. AIDS, for example. During a discussion, where several members of the forum were denying the fact that HIV causes AIDS, Dr Struthers announces;

Why on earth should I think this anti-AIDS stuff is far fetched or even dangerous?

OK, a GP who doesn't believe that AIDS/HIV denialism is a bad thing. HOW STUPID CAN YOU GET???

This man should be struck off now.

I'll be posting more of his idiotic comments over the next few weeks.


Cybertiger said...

Tits to you darling!

Becky said...

Would you like to clarify your position then, Dr Struthers?

millipede said...

In tigger town thats considered a stunning riposte

Cybertiger said...


I guess you're a tit two ... or maybe you've a thousand tits.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think it's wrong to laugh at people who "have issues", but Cybertiger makes it so tempting.

A Freudian would probably have a field day with someone whose comments are overwhelmingly sexual - it always comes down to sex with Dr Mark Struthers for some reason. I've seen lots of borderline homoerotic/homophobic comments from Dr Mark - I had assumed he was obsessed with homosexuality, but it seems that he is obsessed with sex and sexuality rather than homosexuality. There is also a strong streak of misogyny running through his various comments. Anyone remember him calling mum-of-three a slag on the JABS forum? Maybe his homoerotic/homophobic comments and his misogynistic comments have some link?

Cybertiger said...

Oh titter, jdc532 is yet another big tit, a great tit with tittering "issues". Titter again ...

Anonymous said...

The sheer eloquence of Dr Mark's reponse has caused me to reconsider my position. Dr Mark has shown clearly, concisely and precisely where I have been going wrong. ["Oh titter, jdc532 is yet another big tit, a great tit with tittering "issues". Titter again ..."]

Erm, boobies! Is that any better Dr Mark?

PhD scientist said...

Very, very old joke:

Q: "What do you call the man who graduated last in his class at medical school?"

A: Doctor

Sad but true.

Of course, we cannot infer anything about Dr Cybertiger's actual work as a GP from his online rantings, but you have to wonder at his hold on reality.

Cybertiger said...

the improper doctor said,

"...but you have to wonder at his hold on reality..."

But I can only dream of holding on to the enormitities of Becky's boobies ... not really.