Thursday, 28 August 2008

Hocus Pocus, Bees and Locusts

Courtesy of that dribbling fool "Truth Seeker":

Why is becky so anti things just because there is no scientific explantion as to how they work?

Its in the realms of quantum physics/energy matter and maybe some people are just happy to use things that work and dont care how it works.

Personally anyone who supports such genocide and iatrogenic death as occam would be classed as insane compared to a belief in vibrational medicine.

"Quantum"; the last resort of the desperate man who hasn't a clue what he's talking about.

("Genocide" is one of Truth Seeker's favourite words. He flings it around as an accusation rather a lot, despite not knowing what it actually means.)


Dilmun said...

I think the argument in their mind is
"Quantum physics is weird.

Therefore anything weird is quantum physics".

There is a subtext, that few people understand quantum mathematics, therefore few people can challenge it.

Not to be left out, I have my own quantum theory, on the quantisation of doubt.

"If something is 99% certain, 1% of the population will be absolutely convinced it is false".

Becky said...

"If something is 99% certain, 1% of the population will be absolutely convinced it is false".

Dilmun's Law. I like that. :-)

Cybertiger said...

I'll bet Becky's tits defy any sort of physics, quantum or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

cybertiger, internet chatter has it that you're really a GP.Have you ever considered talking to one of your psychiatrist colleagues about your breast obsession?

Anonymous said...

How about a new law modelled on Scopie's Law:

"In any discussion involving science or medicine, invoking quantum physics randomly and out of context loses you the argument immediately ...and gets you laughed out of the room."

(Unless, of course, you're posting on an Alt.Reality, I mean Alt.Med, forum, in which case the laws of the physical universe are all inverted)

I suggest we name this law "Chopra's Law", after the granddaddy of New Age Quantumballs, Deepak Chopra. Although an alternative would be "Milgrom's Law" after tireless flogging-a-dead-horse homeopathic quantum-wibbler Lionel Milgrom.

Angus said...

We are not unhappy if we have no explanation for how something works, that is an exciting challenge. Happy when we don't know, satisfied when we do know. What we do believe is vital though, is evidence that it does actually work.

alcari said...

problem is, if something works, even if we don't know how, we can still use it. So what if it's a blackbox system? I don't know how me TV remote works either, but I know which button does what, and it works every time. Without comprehension, it simply turns into a kind of alchemy; knowing what happens, but not knowing why.

Not so with this "the secret" quantum nonsense. If it worked, it could be tested, even if we don't understand it. So this argument fails, even without going into the total lack of theoretical basis.

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