Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Ooh - population reduction paranoia!

To make up for missing a day, here's a spectacular example of paranoia and conspiracy theory posted a bit earlier on today, by "Suba".

Do not vaccinate your child. This muppet wants you to vaccinate your child even though he/she may suffer anaphylactic shock due to Neomycin. This coming from a pharma operative unmasks their true agenda: population reduction by way of extra profits due to increased illness requiring untested medicine.

Woo! Big Pharma are trying to KILL US ALL!!!


Cybertiger said...

Wooh - big muppets like Becky are endowed with mindblowing tits.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. It seems Dr Mark is nothing more than a one-trick pony. A boring, dull man who thinks endless variations on the word 'tit' are actually amusing to anyone but himself. It's not the offensiveness, or the misogyny, I object to - it's the dreary repetition and the sheer lack of humour. *Yawn*

Keep up the good work Becky - anyone commenting as obsessively as Cybertigger must be as fascinated by your blog as I am.

Goat said...

The most bizarre/amusing thing about Cybertiger is his dextrous rhetorical device of subtly changing people's user names into insulting versions of the original. It's a trick which has been picked up wholesale by some of the other Jabbers.

Unfortunately, rearranging the numbers in jdc325's name doesn't have quite the same devastating effect, though I can see why he struggled to come up with something, er... wittier*. jdc you should really give him something more to work with.

*and see Shakespeare for a Freudian, cybertiger-esque alternative meaning for "wit"

Goat said...

Re: the actual post. Presumably the JABS forumites consider population reduction via infectious diseases to be perfectly acceptable, since they're so unwilling to vaccinate against them?

Cybertiger said...

jdc532, SuperMcBurger, troubledjoey and giddy-the-goat player ... now I understand what Becky meant by wanting to get her tits out ... for a bit of bigtit support.