Saturday, 23 August 2008

Let's start with a good one

Is it that why you hate homeopathy with such zeal, we cant compete in the death stakes with you can we.Homeopathy killed none allopahic medicine must have killed more than all the wars in the last hundred years. Thats tens of millions over the last 50 years.Defend that you inhumane clone.

This is from a forum member who calls himself "Truth Seeker". You'll come to know and love him and his interesting outlook on life in the coming months.

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Dilmun said...

Hi Becky, good luck with this, tho' I fear even your good humour may be challenged in the long run.

As for Truth Seeker, I think the wilful misunderstanding comes from published figures on iatrogenic errors. And to be sure, these do occur, and we should (and do) strive to reduce them. However, the distinction that should be drawn is between 'killing' and 'failing to save'. In the absence of modern medicine (in which I include public health), our life expectancy would be dramatically less: and lives 'not lived' would run into billions.
One analogy I sometimes try to make in this context is with ambulances. If a patient is killed in an ambulance crash, even if the proximate fault is the driver's, it does not mean that ambulances are a bad thing. However, you know this already - I'm thinking aloud for my own benefit.
Look forward to the next extract, when you can bear it.