Saturday, 23 August 2008

It's all going very well so far

Hi. My name's Rebecca, although I'm going to post here as "Becky". That's what most of my friends call me. To be honest, that's what a lot of people who don't like me call me too.

They're the nice ones.

Why am I starting this weblog? Well... Have you got a few minutes?

I'm the mother of a little girl. I'm not going to give her name out here, but if I ever need to refer to her, I'll call her "the tiny person".

She was coming up for her MMR vaccine, and I'd read scary stuff about MMR, so I thought I'd research it a bit more closely.

I came across an internet forum called "JABS" - "Justice Awareness and Basic Support" (they didn't have the decency to put a comma in there...)

It claims to support the parents of vaccine damaged children. I joined the forum, hoping to discover more useful information about MMR.

I should say, right now, that before I had the tiny person, I spent a lot of time looking at, and "researching" conspiricy theory websites. The real lunatic fringe - 9/11 (or 11/9 as we Brits like to think of it) was a US Government Plot, Chemtrails, Free Energy... Loonies, the lot of them.

However, I wanted to know more about MMR and the supposed links to autism, and this group seemed to be supporting parents of kids who'd been definitely, *definitely* damaged by the MMR.


Obviously, I did other reading, rather than just a parents group. I did a lot of research. I have a fairly heavy science background, so I've got a pretty good idea about what constitutes good evidence, and what constitutes rubbish.

The forum at JABS is populated by the worst kind (remember, I've met some nutters online) of shit-for-brains mentalist. I mean, real "heads down no-nonsense mindless WOOOOOO!!!!" idiots.

The scary thing is, the BBC links to the site whenever there's a story in the news about the "MMR Controversy".

So. The purpose of this weblog is to show quite how batshit bonkers the JABS forum is, by posting a (hopefully) daily quote from one of its regular contributors.

I'm sure one or more of the regular contributors at JABS will point out that I used to be a regular contributor to JABS, but was banned. This is true. I've emailed the site administrator (a lady by the name of Jackie Fletcher) to ask why, but she won't reply to me.

Anyway, I've banged on for long enough, now I should post some examples of the utter stupidity that is JABS...


Cybertiger said...

This would not appear to be a very dignified venture, any more than is getting drunk and then getting your tits out in public.

troubledjoe said...

It can't be the real cybertiger - it's almost coherent and doesn't include the word "Meadows".

Cybertiger said...

The arsehole is "Meadow", the singular snake of the medical grasslands. The trouble with joe is that he shows precious little respect for that great man of science, Professor Sir Roy Meadow.

troubledjoe said...

ah... thats more like it - I feel better for that!

Cybertiger said...

Despite Becky getting out those mesmerizing tits of hers, joe still has trouble "keeping it up". I can certainly understand why joe is troubled.

Norbury said...

I'm sure you won't have to try very hard to find mental comments on Jabs. Funny idea though!

strummer said...

Thanks to Cybertiger we can have mental comments here too, whoopee!

Cybertiger said...

I'm only here for the beer ... and the tits ... and both are hugely disappointing.